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Co-founder of Radical Adventure Riders and founder of Friends on Bikes. Both organizations work towards building more gender inclusivity and racial equity in the cycling community.


Established 2017

Radical Adventure Riders

As a national organization, Radical Adventure Riders (RAR) provides education, connection, resources, and support for the community and industry. 

This includes 20 chapters in the U.S. and Australia, two print publications, scholarships, cycling industry pledge, 22k+ followers on social media, and over 5k #shredthepatriarchy stickers shared. 

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friends on bikes

Established 2017

Friends on Bikes

As a local organization, Friends on Bikes (FOB) organizes cycling events in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington for Black, Indigenous, and people of color who are women, trans, and/or gender non-conforming.

FOB does this by hosting free overnight bikecamping trips, workshops, social rides, and events. From 2019-2020, FOB gave 60 bikes through Bike Match, a program that matches free bike donations to BIPOC folks who need bikes in the Portland area.

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August 2021 & June 2022

Adoptees of Color Bike Ride

Co-organizer of an annual bike ride for BIPOC folks who are adoptees. Whitney, Katy, and I wanted to organize a bike ride to show solidarity, share space, and experience joy with fellow adoptees who live in the Portland, Oregon area. 

My cat Bogbu, donuts & coffee make me happy ~ email me if you want to connect.