Hello there ~

My name is Molly Sugar and I am currently based in Portland, Oregon.  I am constantly striving to combine my love for cycling, design, and grassroots organizing in new ways. 

I have 10 yrs of design experience working in both product and agency environments. I specialize in user interface, visual identity, and art direction. I also craft bikepacking routes, write about my cycling experiences, and have biked across America twice.

I'm currently available for new projects ~ let's chat.

WTF BX Summit 2018

Founder of Friends on Bikes and co-founder of Radical Adventure Riders. Both organizations work towards building more gender inclusivity and racial equity in the cycling community.


New age wellness shirt design for Golden Pliers, a bicycle repair and supply shop based in Portland, OR.




Logo design for Casa Verde, an anytime-cycling clothing brand made with natural and recycled textiles. 



Lead user interface designer at Ride with GPS from February 2017 to May 2021. A website and mobile app with tools for route planning, navigation, and finding trips for cycling and the outdoors. 


Route creator of the Frog Lake Loop and Fire & Ice Cave Loop, both are beginner to intermediate friendly bikepacking routes in the Pacific Northwest area.

Currently working on gravel routes in McMinnville, Oregon and Dufur, Oregon.


Creator and coordinator of Bike Match, a program by Friends on Bikes that matches free bike donations to BIPOC folx who need bikes in the Portland area.


Creative director of RAR's Get Rad Be Radical, an annual publication by that changes the way FTWN-B folx are represented in the bicycle adventure community.


Creator of the RAR's Cycling Industry Pledge, a network that works towards advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within the cycling industry.


Writer and contributor to The Radavist, Bikepacking.com, and Bicycling Magazine where I try to intersect my personal cycling experiences with greater advocacy issues.


Ambassador for Revelate Designs, an Alaska-based business making high-quality bags and gear for bikepackers.


Model and talent for cycling and outdoors brands such as Subaru USA, Travel Oregon, Specialized Bikes, Hydroflask, Rapha, Ritchey Logic, and Swift Industries.


Biked across America twice. In 2019, biked on remote jeep and gravel roads from Montana to Arizona on the Western Wildlands Route created by Bikepacking Roots. In 2016, biked on paved roads from Virginia to Oregon on the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail by Adventure Cycling Association.



Bikes, donuts & coffee make me happy ~ email me if you want to connect.✌️ ✌️✌️