Inspired to redefine the lingerie industry, we were tasked to design a new visual brand system and e-commerce experience that makes bra shopping fun, approachable and easy. As a result, we designed an experience that balanced relatable photography and branding with smart functionality features like product bundling and a visual fit guide. 

Senior Designer _ UX _ UI Design _ Branding

Cool Hunting _ Refinery29


The visual language.

LIVELY is inspired by real women who are smart, healthy, active and outgoing. With the LIVELY woman in mind, we designed a visual brand system that represented and balanced femininity, confidence and energy. I created the chosen moodboard, color palette and photography direction. Fellow Wondersauce designer Janet Kim created the final logo, logomark and typography.  


Simple, quick and easy.

For the product detail view, we wanted users to be able to shop without being redirected to another page. The result was a product detail "quick view" that provided all essential and relevant information in one overlay. After you added an item to your bag, we integrated recommended products based on product bundling. 


A fit guide that's 'real'.

Finding the correct size can often be overly complicated and difficult. For LIVELY we designed a visual fit guide that featured real women with varying body shapes and sizes so that customers had an accurate reference to compare to. We also created an easy to use bra calculator so that users don't have to rely on a complex chart to find their size. 


Project Responsibilities

Strategy and Approach _ Visual Brand System Concepts _ Wireframes _ UI Design _ Leading Design Presentations _ Animation Prototypes _ Interactive Style Guide